Students only: Brainstorm Research Ideas

Achievable research ideas in 45 minutes
This is for you if:
  • You are a management student searching for ideas on your latest paper.
  • You are soon to write your bachelor or master thesis but have no idea what to write about.
  • You have some ideas but don’t feel comfortable yet suggesting it to your supervisor.
  • You have no supervisor yet but still want some professional feedback on your research idea.
  • You are completely confused and on the brink of quitting your studies altogether (don’t worry, we all went through this several times).
What Natalie can help you with:
  • Re-evaluating what you know about your topic
  • Finding what you are interested in
  • Brainstorming ideas for potential research topics and questions
  • Structuring your project and what to ask your potential supervisor
  • Coming up with first ideas how to design your research
How to conduct good research

Rules of good research

What this session is NOT about:
  • This is not a substutite for talking to your supervisor.
  • You are not provided with a full service research topic, questions, or design for your paper.
  • Nothing we do will in any way conflict with your University’s code of conduct in research. This is your opportunity to talk about your research with a professional, not a professional doing your research.
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