Meet Natalie

Natalie Junge is a Change & Crisis Manager, Lecturer and Coach from Hamburg, Germany.

Natalie Junge, troubleshooter

Natalie Junge

Her passion is to help individuals and organisations dealing with crisis which includes response, recovery, prevention and preparation. Because sometimes you can’t prevent a crisis, but you can mitigate the damage.

From a management perspective it would be great to do risk assessments and then take measures to prevent disaster or at least be prepared so that you do not make it worse if crisis can’t be avoided. But that’s not how most people tick. Most people realise they need help in the middle of chaos. And that’s where Natalie comes in. She calms you down and then helps you through your problems. Sometimes that may include finding the right experts for your specific issue. But whenever a situation seems to overwhelm you, let Natalie Junge be your guide to help you out.

After a crisis we want back to normal life. Oftentimes that is not possible. We have changed, our relationships or environment may have changed. Natalie helps clients to recover and gain back their strength. An important part of recovery may be to evaluate what has happened and prepare yourself for the next round of life. But, the goal is not to prepare for every eventuality. We assess likely events and the degree of risk you are willing to take. What type of prevention does make sense?

This site is about crisis research, sharing experiences and knowledge and hopefully helping you understand and solve your problems, or preventing them at all. Something’s missing? You have a question? Please send a message to or post your request in the comments so Natalie can get back to you. She is here to help.

Natalie Junge is an experienced survivor of crisis. She already had a jump kit under her bed as a kid. Studied education and management with focus on change, strategy and crisis management. Systemic thinker with the desire to understand how crisis unfold and can be prevented. Main research method: participative action research. Foresighted, confident, serene. Lover of life, nature and mankind in general as well as theatre, the sea and her family & friends in particular. Natalie works mainly in the Hamburg area of Northern Germany and is also available online.

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